We transform your raw time series data into accurate, actionable forecasts

In a world of constant change, Giotto.ai multi-time series forecasting module empowers you to harness the hidden patterns within your multivariate time series data. Build accurate forecasting models tailored to your unique business challenges, transforming uncertainty into strategic advantage.

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How Our Multi Time Series

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Giotto.ai enables you to master the complexities of time-dependent data. Our advanced forecasting library reveals hidden patterns, analyzes the interconnected relationships within multiple time series, and provides actionable insights that drive your decision-making process.

We start by converting your raw time series data into a structured format that's primed for sophisticated analysis. Giotto.ai utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to identify trends, seasonalities, and dependencies—patterns that often elude traditional methods.

Building on this foundational analysis, Giotto.ai features versatile forecasting capabilities. Choose from powerful models customized to address your unique business challenges. Continuously refine your models with the support of detailed visualizations and comprehensive statistical evaluations.

Designed for effortless integration, Giotto.ai delivers forecasts in standard formats that seamlessly align with your existing decision-making tools. Turn uncertainty into a strategic advantage and enhance your planning with our robust, data-driven forecasting solutions placed in your IT infrastructure.

Key Capabilities


Hidden pattern Discovery

Giotto.ai uncovers hidden trends, seasonalities, and underlying drivers within complex time series data, providing a deeper understanding for advanced forecasting.


Customizable Forecasting

Offers flexibility with model selection (GARFF, linear regression) and customization for precise alignment with your problem space.


Data-Driven Refinement

Facilitates critical evaluation and iterative forecast improvement through powerful visualizations and integrated statistical metrics.


Direct Business Integration

Generates forecasts in standard formats (e.g., pandas DataFrames) for immediate use in popular decision-making tools.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Decision-Making

Giotto.ai delivers accurate forecasts and deep insights into time series behavior. This empowers data-driven decision-making across resource allocation, production planning, inventory management, and other critical business areas.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Giotto.ai's ability to identify trends, seasonality, and underlying patterns, plus its forecasting capabilities aids in optimizing resource allocation in various industries. This helps avoid overstocking, underproduction, and other inefficient uses of resources.

Adaptability & Scalability

Giotto.ai's flexibility in model customization, feature engineering, and its use of standard data formats ensure it can adapt alongside your evolving business needs and handle growing data volumes.

Use Cases in Action


Logistics Chain Optimization

Navigating the complexities of demand fluctuations, schedule coordination, and efficient route planning presents a significant challenge even for biggest shipping companies. Here Giotto.ai employs advanced multi-time series forecasting to enhance logistics operations by transforming raw data into actionable forecasts directly integrated into internal processes. Our system enables precise demand predictions, which helps company to prepare for varying demand levels across different regions, ensuring efficient resource allocation. It also optimizes delivery schedules by dynamically adjusting them based on up-to-date demand and supply data, thereby maximizing resource utilization, and improving overall service levels. Furthermore, Giotto.ai optimizes routes by generating the most efficient delivery paths, considering real-time traffic data, geographic conditions, and delivery constraints. By integrating Giotto.ai, this logistics company gains strategic advantages through improved resource allocation and reduced operational costs.

Energy Management Optimization

An energy transmission companies face the dual challenge of accurately forecasting energy demand while also predicting renewable energy production levels. Balancing these two aspects is crucial for balancing energy flow, maintaining grid stability, and optimizing energy distribution. For Energy Demand Forecasting our system analyzes historical consumption data, weather patterns, and included socio-economic indicators to forecast energy demand with high precision. This enables the company to anticipate peak demand times and plan its energy distribution strategies accordingly. For Renewable Energy Supply Forecasting our system considers live climate data, short and medium term weather forecasts, historical production data and relevant external factors. This helps in predicting the availability of renewable energy and integrating it effectively with traditional energy sources. By integrating these forecasts, our system helps the energy transmission company achieve a fine balance between demand and supply, particularly with the variable nature of renewable resources like hydro, solar and wind power.

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Retail Sales Forecasting

In the fast-paced retail industry, accurately forecasting sales is critical for inventory management, marketing, and overall business strategy. Retailers must contend with seasonal trends, rapidly changing consumer preferences, and promotional impacts, which can make sales volumes difficult to predict. Giotto.ai multi-time series forecasting module empowers retailers to predict future sales at product group level with precision by analyzing multiple streams of historical sales data along with variables such as holidays, marketing campaigns and optional economic sentiment indicators. Precise sales forecasting leads to better inventory management, targeted marketing efforts, and improved resource allocation. Ultimately, Giotto.ai transforms sales data into a strategic asset, enabling retailers to stay agile and competitive in a dynamic market.

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