Defense projects.

1. Internal Security

Partner company

Defense procurement agency


Identifying relevant threats

Difficulty in detecting and responding promptly to potential national security threats and instabilities.

Data overload

Managing vast amounts of unstructured data from various sources to find actionable intelligence.

Predictive accuracy

Need for more accurate and timely predictions to improve threat assessment and response strategies.


Signal Identification Technology (EWS)

Implemented advanced EWS to detect relevant threats, conflicts, and social instabilities earlier.

Advanced data science techniques

Utilized natural language processing, machine learning, and anomaly detection to analyze unstructured data for signal detection.

Real-time data analysis

Leveraged real-time data from social media, news, and intelligence reports to enhance predictive accuracy and decision-making.

Business value delivered

Validated Method

Real-time data validation with experts confirming the significance of detected signals.

Early Detection

Identified important events and potential threats earlier than existing models, improving response time.

Improved Threat Assessment

Better analysis of risks, trends, and potential instabilities led to optimized defense strategies.

2. Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic


Implement an advanced AI-driven system to monitor network traffic in real-time, identifying and responding to security threats quickly.

Partner company

National defense agency


Overloaded Networks

Managing high volumes of interconnected devices that are vulnerable to sophisticated security threats.

Inconsistent Threat Detection

Traditional systems struggle to detect anomalies in ever-growing traffic and diverse devices.

Real-Time Monitoring

The need for continuous monitoring and instant response to potential security breaches.


AI-Driven Anomaly Detection

Implemented a knowledge graph-based system to monitor communication traffic in real-time, detecting anomalies instantly.

Integrated Sensor Network

Utilized a network of sensors, including communication logs, to provide comprehensive coverage and data for analysis.

Automated Response Systems

Developed automated systems to send alerts and activate security protocols when potential threats are detected.

Business value delivered

Increased Detection Accuracy

Enhanced the accuracy of detecting security threats by 15%, reducing false positives and identifying real threats more effectively.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlined security operations, allowing for quicker decision-making and response times, improving overall security efficiency by 20%.

Proactive Security Measures

Enabled proactive measures against potential breaches, improving the overall security posture.

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