We unlock the full potential of your unstructured data with precise and versatile extraction

Giotto.ai Document question-answering module, powered by advanced NLP models and ML algorithms, automates the retrieval of specific structured information from unstructured documents, with conditional human validation and customizable transformation tools for versatile future use.

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How Our Document

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Our Document Question-Answering technology revolutionizes the handling of unstructured data, leveraging pre-trained extraction models and sophisticated algorithms for advanced text mining. This powerful approach enables precise information retrieval from a wide array of document types and sources, including emails and cloud storage, ensuring exceptional adaptability.

By harnessing cutting-edge NLP techniques, text classification and large language models, our system expertly extracts structured insights and enables direct

question-answering capabilities, perfectly tailored to meet a variety of organizational requirements.

Designed for easy customization and seamless integration, our solution requires minimal setup and offers flexible data transformation and export options. It effectively reduces manual workload by streamlining workflows, providing actionable insights, and ensuring data is ready for diverse applications.

Key Capabilities


Ready to use out of the box

Extraction models are pre-trained and require minimal user input to start extraction.


Adaptive Document Ingestion

Document import is integrated with the screening module but also configurable for alternative import channels.


Customizable Extraction Logic

AI models can continuously learn and improve by incorporating real-time human feedback as needed.


Extensive Export Capabilities

Extracted data can be used in flexible, configurable document templates (Office file format) or exported to additional channels (API, databases, email, ftp, direct integration etc.) in JSON, XML, CSV.

Key Benefits

Cost Efficiency and Data Integrity

Businesses benefit from reduced operational costs and improved data accuracy, as AI-driven extraction decreases the need for manual entry and mitigates errors.

Growth-Ready Data Processing

The solution scales to handle growing document volumes efficiently, supporting business expansion without the linear increase in resource investment.

Agile Deployment and Adaptability

Quick to implement and easy to modify, the system aligns with evolving business needs, ensuring continuous adaptability and immediate value from new data extraction strategies.

Use Cases in Action


Accounts Payable Process Automation - Finance Departments

Manual processing of invoices and purchase orders is a time-consuming and error-prone task for finance departments. Our AI-assisted Data Extraction solution streamlines this process by automatically extracting key information, such as vendor name, invoice number, amount due, and payment terms, from various document formats, including PDFs, images, and scanned documents. This data is then validated and transformed into a standardized format, ready for integration with accounting systems and workflow automation tools. Our solution also provides advanced data validation and enrichment capabilities, such as automated data matching and reconciliation, and the ability to call external data sources, such as ERP systems or credit databases, to verify vendor information and creditworthiness. This empowers finance departments to accelerate invoice processing, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency and accuracy.

Supply Chain and Logistics Documents handling

Supply chain and logistics operations rely on a vast array of documents like bills of lading, shipping manifests, customs declarations, and commercial invoices. Manually processing these documents is time-consuming and error-prone.Our technology automates the extraction of data such as order numbers, shipment dates, tracking numbers, and quantities, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. This information is then seamlessly integrated into logistics management systems, improving visibility and control over the supply chain. This empowers logistics teams to optimize workflows, improve visibility, track shipments accurately, and ensure compliance with trade regulations.

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Healthcare Documents processing

Healthcare systems grapple with the processing of vast amounts of complex and varied documents such as patient records, prescriptions, lab reports, and insurance claims. Manual processing is often inefficient and prone to errors. Our Data Extraction solution empowers healthcare providers and administrators to streamline document workflows and unlock insights. With specialized models for healthcare data, flexible templates, and seamless system integrations, our solution automatically extracts and verifies critical information. This empowers healthcare teams to improve patient care, enhance operational efficiency, and support research initiatives.

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