We streamline your document workflows with AI-powered ranking, unlocking efficiency and precision at every step

Giotto.ai Document screening module, powered by pretrained AI models, enables users to identify, classify, rank and examine documents for adherence with adaptable, user-defined criteria.

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How Our Document Screening Works

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Our powerful Document Ranking technology streamlines your workflows with a robust and adaptable Screening Framework. Effortlessly customize AI based Ranking Criteria to precisely match your unique document needs. We seamlessly integrate with both public and private document sources—including scientific databases, internal repositories, cloud storage, and more—ensuring comprehensive access and direct connectivity.

Harness the power of versatile AI models that intelligently identify, classify, rank, and examine documents, ensuring they align with your standards. Further enhance screening accuracy with retraining and the ability to identify new ranking factors (for example handwritten signatures). Automate your processes while maintaining control with conditional human validation. Easily export ranking results in multiple formats (XML, Office, databases, etc.) for streamlined analysis, data extraction, or automated report generation. Gain actionable insights with our AI screening results dashboard.

Key Capabilities


Flexible screening framework

Ranking framework can be customized to align with specific use case.


Pretrained lightweight AI models

Ranking models deliver exceptionally high accuracy right out of the box, with retraining rarely required.


Human feedback loop

AI models can continuously learn and improve by incorporating real-time human feedback as needed.


Customizable Output & Export

Ranked documents can be further processed by extracting data or documenting ranking results in auto-generated output tables.

Key Benefits

Efficiency and Speed

AI models significantly accelerate document processing, drastically reducing screening time compared to manual methods.

Integration with multiple data sources

Already integrated with main scientific research sources, our technology also allows for the easy addition of other public or private sources as needed.

Accuracy and Consistency

AI ensures precise and consistent document evaluation against predefined criteria, minimizing error rate.

Process Automation

Streamlines workflows by automating document search, retrieval, and processing, with options for full automation or conditional human oversight.

Use Cases in Action

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Legal Due Diligence - Law Firms

During mergers, acquisitions, or partnership agreements, law firms must meticulously review vast amounts of documentation to assess legal, financial, and operational risks. Our AI-powered document ranking solution empowers law firms to streamline this process. With automated document classification, intelligent data extraction, and advanced risk analysis, our solution uncovers critical insights hidden within contracts, financial statements, regulatory filings, and more. This empowers legal teams to conduct a more thorough due diligence review with greater efficiency, minimizing the potential for overlooked liabilities and facilitating informed decision-making for their clients.

Customer Compliance (KYC/AML) - Financial Service Providers

Financial institutions face the rigorous task of reviewing extensive client documentation (B2C and B2B) to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Our AI-powered document ranking solution empowers financial service providers to streamline this compliance process. With automated document classification, intelligent data extraction, and risk assessment capabilities, our solution efficiently analyzes IDs, financial statements, company records, and more. This enables financial institutions to maintain accurate customer profiles, ensure ongoing regulatory adherence, and proactively mitigate risk within complex transactions.

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Customer Due Diligence - Insurance Companies

Insurance companies must diligently verify customer information against multiple sources to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate fraud risk when issuing life, health, and property insurance policies. Our AI-powered document ranking solution streamlines this Customer Due Diligence process. By intelligently automating document classification, data extraction, and risk analysis, our solution rapidly verifies the accuracy of applications, medical records, financial documents, and more. This empowers insurers to conduct comprehensive background checks, accurately assess risk profiles, and ensure policies align with all applicable regulations, all while improving efficiency.

Financial Records Review - Audit and Accounting Firms

Audit and accounting firms face the task of meticulously reviewing vast amounts of financial documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. Our AI-powered document ranking solution empowers auditors to streamline this process. With automated document classification, intelligent data extraction, and advanced anomaly detection, our solution rapidly analyzes balance sheets, income statements, invoices, and more. This empowers audit firms to conduct more efficient audits, uncover potential discrepancies, and mitigate risks, while ensuring the financial integrity of their clients.


Drug Research & Compliance - Pharma Manufacturers & Consultants

Pharmaceutical companies and consultants face the complex task of ensuring drug safety, efficacy, and compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks. Our AI-powered document ranking solution empowers pharma teams to streamline research and compliance workflows. With intelligent data extraction, advanced analysis, and sophisticated quality filtering, our solution rapidly processes vast amounts of clinical trial data, pharmacovigilance documents, and scientific literature. This enables faster insights, supports regulatory adherence, and improves the accuracy of drug safety and efficacy assessments throughout the drug development lifecycle.

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