Finance projects.

1. Trading Signals for Stock Market


Generating trading signals to enable profitable strategies for quantitative asset managers.

Partner company

Quantitative asset management firm


Market Volatility

Navigating the unpredictable nature of the stock market to achieve consistent returns.

Data Overload

Handling large amounts of market data to generate useful trading insights.

Risk Management

Balancing high returns with effective risk management to avoid significant losses.


AI-Powered Trading Signals

Implemented an AI system that predicts trading opportunities in various markets, such as forex and US index futures.

Real-Time Data Integration

Combined real-time market data with historical trends to keep trading models current.

Advanced Analytics

Used sophisticated tools to analyze market data and produce reliable trading signals.

Business value delivered

Superior Performance

Achieved impressive results with a Sharpe ratio of 2.340 for forex trading, and 1.073 for US index futures, ensuring robust performance and minimized losses.

Increased Returns

The AI-driven strategies contributed to potential revenue gains exceeding CHF 100 million.

Enhanced Risk Management

Improved risk management capabilities, significantly reducing the chances of substantial losses.

2. Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable


Automate invoice processing and accounts payable to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.

Partner company

Mid-sized financial services firm


Time-Consuming Processes

Manual data entry and sorting reduce staff productivity and delay payment cycles.


Manual entry is susceptible to human error, leading to inaccuracies in financial records.

Scalability Issues

As business volume grows, the manual process becomes unsustainable without adding more staff.


Automated Data Extraction

Implemented AI to automatically extract data from invoices and receipts, including handwritten entries.

Real-Time Verification and Approval

Deployed AI-powered systems for real-time verification against purchase orders and automated approval workflows.

Secure Digital Record Keeping

Transitioned to secure digital archives for storing and retrieving processed invoices.

Business value delivered

Efficiency Gains

Reduced processing time by 50%, accelerating payment cycles and improving vendor relationships.

Error Reduction

Decreased error rates in invoice processing by 70%, minimizing financial discrepancies.

Scalable Operations

Enhanced scalability, allowing the firm to handle a 3x increase in document volume without additional staff.

3. Automated Audit Process


Implement an AI-driven audit system to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of financial audits.

Partner company

Financial services firm


Manual Audit Processes

Traditional audit processes are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

Compliance and Risk Management

Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and identifying potential risks requires thorough and accurate analysis.

Data Volume and Complexity

Managing and analyzing large volumes of complex financial data is challenging and resource-intensive.


AI-Powered Audit Platform

Deployed an AI-driven audit platform to automate data extraction, analysis, and anomaly detection in financial records.

Real-Time Monitoring

Implemented real-time monitoring systems to continuously assess financial transactions and flag potential issues.

Advanced Analytics

Utilized machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, detect anomalies, and predict potential risks, enhancing the thoroughness of audits.

Business value delivered

Increased Audit Accuracy

Achieved a 40% improvement in audit accuracy by reducing human error and enhancing data analysis capabilities.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduced audit processing time by 50%, allowing auditors to focus on high-risk areas and strategic analysis.

Improved Compliance

Ensured compliance with regulatory standards through continuous monitoring and automated reporting, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

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